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Local SCD Events and Activities

You may be surprised to discover how much Scottish Country Dancing is going on in the area.

Dances & Balls

Many groups hold dances or balls, annually or more often, that are open to all, not just their own members.  On most Saturdays during the main season (October to May) there is likely to be a dance with live music within travelling distance of where you live.  The dance programmes are advertised well in advance, and often there are cribsheets available to download (or you can make your own using Minicrib).  Usually dances are recapped at a "Dance" but not always at a "Ball"  -  the flyer may tell you.  Most tickets include a meal, although some dances have "bring and share" meals.

Our local Branch website has a useful Diary of Events taking place in the nearby area, and for wider coverage the RSCDS London Branch website contains the South East Dance Diary.  For events in the rest of the UK and globally, check out the Global Dance Listings page on the RSCDS website. 

Other clubs and branches

Details of other RSCDS-affiliated clubs in the area can be found on the BHS Border branch website here.

Other RSCDS Branches neighbouring ours are:


        Croydon & District



London Branch publishes a quarterly magazine "The Reel" in both paper and electronic versions which has many interesting articles and notices of events.

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