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Dancing with us

We are a friendly group of people with mixed abilities and experience, ranging from near-beginners to those who have been dancing for many years.  If you are a complete beginner, don't be afraid to try us  -  our teachers and experienced dancers will help you to learn and can also direct you to more formal teaching opportunities.  All we ask is that you be prepared to learn and make progress.

You don't need to come with a partner, and if you are inexperienced you will find that the more experienced dancers will be keen to partner you and help you learn.


Scroll down for more information for beginners and inexperienced dancers.   

"Reel Club" Evenings

The majority of our Wednesday evening sessions come under this heading.  They are taken in rotation by one of our experienced teachers (and occasionally by a guest teacher), and the dances whether old or new are taught in detail, everyone having the opportunity to walk though the dance from each position before attempting to dance it.

"Reel Club Dances"

Several times in the season the Wednesday meeting will consist of a Reel Club Dance, when dances learnt previously are performed with less teaching.  On these occasions one of our more experienced Club members arranges the programme, making it available one or two weeks beforehand and acting as MC for the evening. 

For beginners and the inexperienced

Usually at the beginning of each season for several weeks we run a "Basic Steps and Formations" session for half an hour at 7:30 pm (before the regular Reel Club).  This is taken by an experienced qualified teacher and is very worthwhile even if you are not a complete beginner!

For other opportunities to learn in a structured class, see 

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